The JULY 11th SJRWMD Governing Board meeting is VERY important.  The Black Creek Project will be on the agenda for funding votes.  The Board needs to have a sea of RED SHIRTS in the audience to SEE/UNDERSTAND our support of this regional project.  This is THE recovery project we have all been waiting for.  We have worked very hard to get to this point and I'm frankly asking that you show your support by attending this SJRWMD Governing Board meeting if at all possible!  RED SHIRTS please!  We need to let Senator Bradley know we appreciate his efforts to bring recovery to the Floridan Aquifer and our lakes!


SJRWMD - 10:30a.m. - JULY 11th - DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS - Palatka, Hwy 100, just West of the Palatka Airport.

CLAY County Commission - 2p.m. - July 11th - Green Cover Springs - Admin. Bldg. - 4th Floor

SOLO - 7p.m. - July 11th - First Baptist Church K.H. - Hwy 100, just east of Hwy. 21

I try to send out RED SHIRT ALERTS sparingly so that we don't waste your time on meetings and more meetings....BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT - PLEASE ATTEND THE SJRWMD MEETING!